The thing about Honey is that even when she was Japanese in the manga she still had blonde hair and light eyes (I think she dyed her hair and wore contacts? I’m not sure…). A lot of concept art depicts her with darker hair, eyes, and skin, but I’m almost certain that they were forced to keep her blonde and fair, due to the popularity of blonde Disney girls over those with darker skin (Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Ariel are far more popular than Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana or even Jasmine). I’m not saying that this distinction is right or good or even logical, but the marketing team at Disney has decided they knows what sells, and they’re not going to let a blonde, light, fashionable young girl slip out of their grips for something as silly as diversity.

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I really hope they are fucking joking.

Please tell me Honey Lemon is NOT fucking Latina. I will seriously cry.

If its true, that is some major fucking white washing on any character I’ve ever seen. Do you guys know how RARE a breed BLONDE, GREEN EYED, WHITE latinas are?

Please please PLEASE be joking.


Maybe she dyes her hair
maybe she wares contacts
like in the comics
maybe shes light skinned

that gif terrifies me for some reason

I don’t know. I’m not convinced. It seems WAAAAAAAY too convenient for them to just suddenly throw in a race on her. Like it was some last minute thing to soothe people who asked for more POC.

The interview that started this implicitly stated she was latina by talking about what accent she was going to have. They decided that she says ‘Hiro’ in spanish and also says a few other spanish words here and there. So this isn’t just a declaration that she’s latina, it’s clearly going to be evident in the movie. Along with the fact that the voice actor is latina (and, btw, they actor and character share the same skin tone) I don’t think that it’s just a ‘ploy’ for people who asked for more poc (did people even ask this of bh6? 2/3’s of the main cast are obviously not white).

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Favourite headcanon in the Kristanna community:

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do you have any more info about the babies? or are they just character designs.

The babies are just mer-versions of my Kristanna children ocs- Gerda, Kai, and Addie.

Gerda’s the blonde one, she’s the oldest and the most like her father. She’s tough, sarcastic, rather antisocial, and inherited his unhealthy obsession with ice harvesting.

Kai’s the brunette and the middle child. He’s his mothers son, being impulsive and energetic, but he thirsts for adventure and knowledge, and shares a special connection with Elsa.

Addie is the redhead and the youngest by far. She’s her mother in appearance but is very shy and softspoken. She often feels left out because she’s so much younger than her siblings, who are closer with eachother then they are with her.

(fun game count how many Snow Queen references I make in my oc’s bc the answer is alot lmao)

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Will Hans be in the story still? Will you consider writing a fic for this au?

Hans is still in the story, though his part is alot more plot driven rather than just crazy antics, ideas, and worldbuilding like the rest of the story is :P

I wont write continuing fic, because I just don’t have enough ideas that would make an actual /story/ story. I’m not averse to writing a couple of oneshots eventually though, and anybody else is free to write something! And feel free to change around ships and characters and whatever, I love leaving things open to interpretation!

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Are you a PC or a Mac person? What kind of PC would you suggest for someone wanting to use Final Cut Pro and photoshop? ( your blog is wonderful btw!)

Oh man I am really not qualified to answer this question. I’m a born and raised mac person and the pc I currently own is the shittiest shit to ever shit.

Any followers have suggestions?

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Any chance we'll get to see Elsa with the pups? Or Elsa swimming with Anna? I love the marine au so much! You're so talented!

(I thought I answered this! Sorry!)

I definitely have something coming up with Elsa and mer pups. I also kind of want to do something about Elsa’s perspective during the birth time, because creatures who’ve just been hit with gigantic blasts of paternal instinct don’t tend to let anyone near there babies. It would probably be the first time that Anna’s been so distant with her, that gotta be lonely, and I think it would be interesting to write about.

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why dont you just download brushes now? it would improve your art so much

Because I’m using my schools laptop which on the one hand is awesome because free photoshop but on the otherhand is horrible because it crashes every 5 seconds and wont let me download brushes or anything else.

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I’m seriously counting down the days till I get a new laptop and will finally be able to DOWNLOAD DIFFERENT BRUSHES DEAR GOD

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