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If you came here looking for Frozen, Disney, or animation in general, then you're in the right place! If not, well, that's what you're getting, take it or leave it!

I lead a Kristanna life, and will on occasion roleplay a young Kristoff Bjorgman on here, so be warned.
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I’m back

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Ok just a quick late night headcanon thing before the internet goes.

I’ve been mulling it over and I am now 95% certain that Kristoff doesn’t understand body type preferences. Not that he doesn’t judge people on their appearances (though he doesn’t) but that he literally never learnt what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’.

Kristoff not understanding why Anna is upset over gaining weight or her breasts being too small, and getting more and more confused as she tries to explain why she’s wigging out over fat

Kristoff getting outraged over an upperclass diet fad like ‘YOUR FOOD IS SO DELICIOUS WHY DO YOU NOT EAT IT’

Kristoff asking what the ice harvesters mean whenever they make a douchebag joke about the tubby bar maid because he doesn’t understand why it’s supposed to be funny


Minimal internet back on computer. Not enough to be rly active on tumblr/actually do anything tho…

If any mutuals/friends want my skype, feel free to ask

phabale-rose sent:

You have school in July?

Yuuup, we have our long break in December, the July break is only 2 weeks

Still have no internet. It’s unclear when this problem will be fixed.

I’m very frustrated. D:

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Ok but consider this:

MtF Elsa.

littlekristoff sent:

You say you want mermaid elsa and jane but come on jane is totally elsa's novice biologist associate who fangirls over the AMAZING DISCOVERIES YOU'VE FOUND WITH YOUR... SISTER! I CANT IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO HAVE YOUR FAMILY BE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPECIES. TELL ME EVERYTHING!





Yes! I can totally picture her walking behind Elsa and the trolley with equipment or taking notes or something! Gah! I love it.

Also, in this case, Ace is Elsa and I am Jane. No joke.

Because I fangirl over the marine AU like no body’s business and all I do other than write FB is wait for more.

You guys don’t understand how bad I need a fanfic of this AU

I would only with
's blessing because the idea isn't mine. The marine AU is all Ace, and I would never steal an idea just to satisfy my need for something unless the creator allows it. Plus, I have 6 fics in the queue. But who knows.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I’m totally fine with people writing fics of my au! And obviously I like the basic idea, considering it’s mine xD

Consider my ‘blessing’ given :))

Anonymous sent:

What ship is eltara?

Elsa + Queen Tara from Epic

They would just have the cutest relationship because Elsa would totally be all ‘sempai’ for Tara and admire the shit out of her and Tara would giggle like ‘ur freaking adorable do you know that?’.

And they’d have the most healing relationship and Tara would teach Elsa the beauty in her powers.

I mean even if you don’t ship them romantically YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE MASTER/NOVICE RELATIONSHIP THEY WOULD HAVE