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If you came here looking for Frozen, Disney, or animation in general, then you're in the right place! If not, well, that's what you're getting, take it or leave it!

I lead a Kristanna life, and will on occasion roleplay a young Kristoff Bjorgman on here, so be warned.
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why are you even writing your fic if you already know its a knock off? sorry but it just seems disrespectful to the person whose act your ripping off...

bc I actually came up with my story and posted a public synopsis first, and then Jess wrote her own 40’s au sometime after and I still haven’t written the first chapter of mine because I’m lazy and busy. And then I got excited because I like ww2 au’s and I maybe kind of threw alot of my own inspiration her way, that she worked into her own fic. So if anything Jess ripped me off lol (not that she did, Jess’ fic is da bomb it totally blows my hypothetical fic out of the water)

but yeah, I am planning to write my fic because it is rather different, even if there is a fair chunk of overlap between my fic and twma. 


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Kristoff shook his head as he chuckled, before pausing their walk to turn and face Anna directly. He placed his hands on her shoulders, he eyed her up and down, admiring her through her drenched hair and shiny wet face. Letting out a sigh, he rubbed his thumb gently across her freckled cheek, before planting a wet kiss to her lips once, twice, and a third time near her ear. “I love you.” He whispered.

From littlekristoff's story that jessica988 was all crazy about.  And I guess me too.


(Story rated M for mature audiences)

I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier! I love this so much, thank you!!! :D

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I’m still suuuuper busy right now BUT I couldn’t get this idea out of my head.

So have sloppily drawn dear centaur kristanna cuties.

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can u imagine kristoff as a lone reindeer centaur and then anna as a member of a fallow deer pack ««3

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How is it skinny shaming?

oh you know, it talks about how boys prefer to have girls with curves and it mentions skinny bitches once… i can respect that its not the be all and the end all of body positivity songs but it bothers me that all i ever hear about it on this site is that it’s skinny shaming (just to mention every skinny girl i know loves this song)

Anacondas way worse tbh. all about that bass says ‘love yourself, fuck being skinny’, anaconda says ‘i got a huge ass and its awesome fuck skinny bitches who dont have asses’ and yet everyone loves anaconda to bits bc its niki minaj.